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New Tapes Added

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Wow, went over 1 year without an update and now two in one month! Just a quick update: we’ve added 2 new tapes to the tapes section. Lots of acoustic goodness this time! Tape 3 is the Barn Tape #3 from The Three Little Pigs which was recorded on two different dates, one being acoustic (I think we broke a string or something on the electric). The second tape is only 7 tracks. The first 3 are the very first LastKall demos, the “3 Man Jam” versions. The last four are acoustic demos by (me) TJ, 3 untitled instrumentals and a track called “We All Fall Down” that I wrote a long time ago (recorded in 2005) and have only recorded once (so far :P).

Check back soon (or follow me on Twitter: @webbtj) for updates including “what’s next.” I’ve got a few things coming up… stay tuned!


new site

Monday, January 4th, 2010

just a quick update to point out the obvious… we’ve got a new site design up and running. We’ve also started adding some “Tapes” in a new section of the site. As I mentioned in my last post (over a year ago), I found some tapes and have started dubbing them over to digital formats. So far I’ve dubbed four tapes, three are Three Little Pigs jamming tapes from 2003 and a fourth is a LastKall jamming tape that also includes a few acoustic demos I recorded in 2005. I’ve uploaded two of the Pig tapes so far. Stay tuned for more (not another year!).