merry christmas & happy holidays from 3lp & the pigs

As some of you may be aware, just about every year we here a Pig Central try to do a little something to give back to those who have supported us in the past, or to anyone who would just like some free tuneage. Over the last few years we’ve offered up goodies like the original instrumental demos from the 3LP album, or TJ’s track “Santa Cave” (an homage to a legendary festive character that appears just about this time of year every year in the great city of Parrsborough, Nova Scotia). This year will be no different.

I first have to admit that, just like my Christmas shopping, I can never seem to get everything done in time, so there will still be more gifts trickling in after the holidays and into the New Year. My original hope was to offer, simply put, everything! I have been and will continue to upload everything I can dig up by 3LP, The Three Little Pigs, LastKall, Hard Limit, and myself. As anyone who knows me personally knows, Faith and I recently bought a house, and in the move I came across a box with dozens of old Hi8 and audio cassette tapes, as well as dozens of CDs and DVDs with live recordings, sessions, jam sessions and everything else. So what we’re offering up is a portion of what will become available over the next little while. I’ll highlight what is currently uploaded and try my best to go over what is coming in future installments.

From 3LP we have the debut self titled album (in Flac format), as well as a DVD ISO image of the first show we played at Mount Saint Vincent University (the Acoustic Show with Ryan). There are also several video clips from, what I called, “The Reunion Jam” back in September. It was myself, Joe, Jake, Aron and John, mainly jamming on some covers, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Chili Peppers and of course Southtown! As for what’s to come from 3LP, the second show we did at the Mount as a DVD ISO image, as well as the “Remix” album that has been in the works forever (anyone want a mixing job?).

Most people will want to stop at the 3LP stuff since most of the rest of this stuff is either poorly recorded, not very good or both. Next we have offerings from The Three Little Pigs. First we have the two “Studio Albums” from the Pigs, Screaming and Clamorous. These are both offered in Flac format and each directory also contains a “bonus” sub-directory, these bonus folders contain MP3s, videos files, lyrics and more. These folders are the complete contents of the bonus portions of the albums and tend not to “function properly” anywhere but the CDs they came from (the media in them, however, does work fine). Next we have the two Compilation Albums Pigorous and Piglatin. Pigorous is an album of alternate versions (demos, remixes, live versions, acoustic versions, etc.) of every track on Clamorous. Pig Latin is a compilation of demos, remixes, live tracks (including new tracks), acoustic versions and a new studio track (Truth). There is also the 1-take 1-ders demos, which was the Pigs very first recording session. Included are all 9 instrumental demos, plus TJ’s 5 vocal demos and Joe’s 2 vocal demos. The we get into some live stuff, both Acoustic and Electric. For Acoustic we have the Raw Tour [Edit] (which does not include the covers songs played) and the Raw 2our (featuring Ryan Willigar). The Raw 2our also includes 4 bonus tracks, take from one of the “Barn Tapes” (more on those in a minute). There are also two live electric shows, Live at PRHS – May 12, 2004 and Live at the Five Islands Fire Hall – Saturday, August 16, 2003. The PRHS show is the first of two we did with two other bands from Parrsboro, Odd Man’s Out and Economic Eruption. As for what is to come from the Pigs, there are still a handful of live shows to upload, some live shows on video, the Raw 3our as well as the Raw Tour [Not Edited]. One other thing coming from the pigs will be the Barn Tapes, like I said, I found several Hi8 and audio tapes, and quite a few of them are the Pigs jamming. Some sessions have guests and other people in the barn with us while we jammed. There are a few “one-off” songs that we never made it onto an album, and there are some very early and different versions of some songs including several songs from the 3LP album.

The LastKall demo EP is also available. In the future I plan to upload the Hard Limit recordings (which was the remains of LastKall, myself and John) which includes an EP, a few alternate versions/remixes and a few live acoustic tracks. I’ll also be sharing several instrumental tracks that were intended to be LastKall and/or Hard Limit tracks.

I’ve also uploaded a few of my own tracks from my first (failed) attempt at a solo project. The mixing and vocals on these tracks are terrible, but they’re there for the taking. Included is the “album” of 23 tracks and 30 “Out-Takes” including alternate versions, covers, and other tracks. I’ll also be posting some instrumental tracks.

I’ll also be posting some other stuff, tracks from the failed “Days Anew” project (myself Joe and Ryan) some old jamming tapes and home recordings (pre Pigs stuff).

Well that’s it for now, please feel free to enjoy as much, or as little of our music as you like. Merry Christmas from 3LP, The Three Little Pigs & Co.


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