Look What I Found: The Inaugural Post

So… As per usual I’ve gone a year without posting anything. Good for me! So, in my infinite need to revisit the past I’ve been going through literally hundreds of discs; going through old songs, videos, images, lyrics, session files on all kinds of things Pig (and Pig related). I’ve hit a lot of stuff that I had completely forgotten about. So what should I do with all of this junk? Put it back? Burn it? Sell it? pffftttt… Upload it of course – ’cause you know, the interwebs aren’t already clogged with meaningless data and postings by self-righteous megalomaniacs. So here’s my first contribution to the pile.

First off, here’s a song that was completely eradicated from my brain several years ago. Typically, in the old days, for any given song either Joe or I would write all of the lyrics and music. This is an example of just the opposite. Joe had written lyrics for 2 or 3 songs and gave them to me to write music for (or maybe I took them from him – not sure how that went down), this is one of those songs. Annoyingly, I have no idea where the lyrics went, and of course we didn’t record any vocals. This is an “all-FL Studio” recording, it’s really just my arrangements for the song programmed with some synth instruments. Here’s Give Up.

Question: what happens when you decide to record a Nirvana cover and start by mapping it out in FL Studio but half way through you loose interest and decide that instead of recording actual instruments and vocals you’ll leave in all of the synth instruments and throw in a handful of samples from The Simpsons and call it a night? Answer: The Simpsons Love Buzz

That’s it,
enjoy! experience!

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